Here are the apps I currently have in the iOS App Store. To see the app on the iTunes store, click the name.
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*Never get sick of your iPhone background again!*

BlurB helps you to create amazing, custom iPhone wallpapers based on your own photos. Load any image from your saved photos or take a picture with the camera, and watch as Blurb turns it into an amazing wallpaper! Unlike other "blurry" wallpaper apps, BlurB allows you to both blur and recolor your photos for free!

- Blur your images to create an awesome abstract background.
- Use the sliders to change the blurriness, brightness, contrast, and tint of your image
- Filters take an ordinary image and make it extraordinary!
- 8-Bit, Swirl, Tile, and Abstract filters make each BlurB you create unique.
- When you've created a BlurB that you love, save and share it in tons of ways.
- Save your BlurB to the camera roll and set it as your background, send it via Mail or Messages, or share it with your followers on Twitter!
- Keep checking back for new features and filters!

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Introducing ResistanceCalc+, The BEST graphical resistance calculator built for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. If you have ever worked with resistors, whether you are a senior electrical engineer or a high school physics student, you know how tiring and tedious it is to manually calculate resistances. Now you can calculate resistances with one easy click, with a beautiful and intuitive interface! Simply choose the colors of the resistor's bands and the resistance is calculated. ResistanceCalc+ also includes a reference section for double checking the values, or memorizing the color codes. Once you use ResistanceCalc+, you won't be able to believe you once lived without it!

The most recent update includes:
OS 6 and iPhone 5 support, as well as support for several new features, including:
Shake to reset the values of all resistor bands to zero
Instantly calculate the value of the resistor whenever a band is changed, without pressing the "Calculate" button
The ability to disable the hint system that is enabled by default
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MassCalc + does what every chemist despises: computes the Molar Mass of any chemical formula! This interactive and beautifully designed application takes the tedious task of adding many molar masses of individual elements and makes it a breeze! Simply form a compound from the scrollable, easy to read periodic table, and the mass is instantly computed! No excess button clicks, no math operations required! When you are ready to find the mass of another compound, press the clear button and it's ready to go! MassCalc + even includes pre-formed compound and ions to make calculations even quicker.

The most recent update:
Added support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5.
**Fear the Unit Circle No Longer!**

One of the hardest parts of upper level math (Algebra 2+) can be memorizing the dreadful Unit Circle.

Unit Circle Helper + is the perfect way to learn and master the Unit Circle. With a simple tap, the values of Sin, Cos, Tan, Csc, Sec, and Cot are displayed for any standard angle on the unit circle! No longer will you need to consult the internet or that crumpled up paper key when doing homework or assignments, as Unit Circle Helper + is quick and easy to use. Just open the beautifully designed App, swipe the screen to view the correct quadrant, and choose the angle to be displayed. It even shows degrees!

The most recent update added:
support for iPod Touch 2g and iPhone 3g on iOS 4.2+.
Finally, an application that decomposes vectors in one simple click! Simply enter the magnitude of the vector, the angle above horizontal in degrees, choose a vector direction, and BOOM! The independent x and y components of the vector are calculated! Hassle free and simple to use, this app is a must-have. Perfect for use in physics and other areas of math that use the simple but tedious trigonometry of right triangles.

The most recent update added:
support for iOS 5.1
Animal Sounds is the perfect way to entertain your baby, toddler, or child while also teaching them the sounds different animals make! Regardless of their age, children love to hear sounds that they recognize, and this is the perfect way to play those sounds. Animal sounds includes sounds for a Cow, Duck, Goat, Lion, Cat, Dinosaur, Dog, Bird, Horse, and Cricket. And not only does the app play the animal's sound, it also encompasses an easy to use and simple visual interface that makes it easy to recognize what each button does.

Animal sounds is also a fun app to use in public: discreetly choose an animal sound and watch the people around you search for the animal they just heard! Animal Sounds can provide tons of entertainment for a great price--Free!

The most recent update added:
support for iOS 5.1